Rica (reveillez) wrote in little_details,

Russian term of endearment for big brother figure

I'm looking for a casual nickname or term of endearment that can be used for a non blood related big brother figure. The story takes place in the 1960's, with the speaker being a native Russian woman and the man being of different origin. They're both soldiers, he's a good deal older than her and there are no romantic feelings between them. The story itself is slightly AU and the situation they're in negates the Cold War aspect.

So far I've been searching for russian terms of endearment and nick names (as well as scanning the posts here) but I've only been able to find articles on how you create a nickname from a persons given name. I'd rather avoid that if I can - the best would be if I could find something that literally means "brother" or similar. I did find a straight translation for brother (and words like it, i.e. blood brother) but they were in cyrillic and since I don't speak or read russian I didn't feel too confident in using any of them.

General non-name based terms of endearment would also be very welcome. She speaks english fluently but I'd like the option of adding a word in russian here or there if I can to add some flavor.
Tags: ~languages: russian, ~names

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