sarraceniaceae (sarraceniaceae) wrote in little_details,

Language immersion

In canon, a character has been set into a world where he doesn't speak the same language as anyone else for six months. I'm guessing that these languages are about as different as Japanese and English. Assume that he's fairly intelligent, and may or may not have some experience with learning languages before. How much language do you think that he'll have learned by the end of six months? How long do you think it'll take him to begin to understand even a little bit? I'm playing with some fanfic ideas set in those six months, but I have no idea how much language he'd probably start understanding at what point. So any time/language skills estimates you might have would be welcome.

Edited to add: Canon doesn't say how old he is, but I'd guess in his twenties. He also would be spending most of his time with a friend of his who can speak a different dialect of the language there, but he can't communicate with that friend because they lost the translator. I don't know how much most of his attempts at communication being with someone who speaks a different dialect from the majority would screw things up.

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