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hanging suicide in a barn - the how and the psychological aftermath

I have a bit of a two parter here.

This particular bit of novel takes place on normal ol' Earth, during the mid to late nineties, making the characters involved teenagers in high school. The FMC walks onto the scene of a suicide due to a misunderstanding, having intercepted a note meant for the recently deceased's girlfriend.

So, part one -  What I'm struggling to fully picture is the how.

Male character has hanged himself in a barn. The Googling of obituaries and such seems to imply most people hang themselves from the rafters when killing themselves in a barn.  How would one go about getting up there? If the barn is relatively small, would they be terribly high up off the ground? Aside from the obvious rope, is there anything handy in a barn to hang one's self with?

This all seems terribly morbid to ask, but I haven't been in that many barns... And Google images of barn interiors really aren't helping.

And part two  - The psychological ramifications on my FMC.

The story itself is something of a slipstream fantasy, but kind of rooted back to a trauma from FMC's school days. She wasn't terribly  close to the recently deceased. She's an antisocial person but before the aforementioned misunderstanding, she was led to believe this guy had feelings for her and wasn't entirely put-off by the idea.

She's twenty-five in the bulk of the story but getting confronted with reminders of this particular scene from her past on a subconscious level. I'm not wondering how this would affect her so much as I'm wondering if anyone here has dealt with something similar or knows someone who has.

I've walked in on the failed suicide attempt of a close family member and can imagine this is a touchy subject for people who have gone through it. But if anyone is willing  to share their experience via comment or private message, it would be much appreciated.

Edit:  As I forgot the obligatory "Thanks in advance!" ... Thank you very much to everyone who has responded. You've been very helpful. And thank you to anyone who responds after I save this edit. I'm sure you'll be very helpful too.
Tags: ~architecture, ~hanging, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc), ~suicide

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