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Northern England, 1812. How did luddites get organized, how did jobs at mills work?

So, surprisingly this story is set in the north of England, 1812. Specifically, in West Yorkshire.

 I need to know how Luddites would get organized. How did one get "recruited"? Where did they gather to plan, or did they plan at all? Was it normal for workers to go to bars or something like it at night? Could they get together at said bar to talk about it, or would it be dangerous to be overheard? What was the general population's opinion on this movement?

About mills. Was there someone who would walk around watching/inspecting the workers? Some kind of security, personal guards etc? Did the owner usually stay there during the day? Did he have some kind of office there, where was it usually located? What other offices and separate areas were common in a regular sized mill? Were there other kinds of workers with "higher" functions than the regular ones? Basically anything on the internal structure of a mill.

I've googled "luddites gathering", "luddites gathering bar", "structure of a victorian mill", and "victorian mill architecture".
These are some of the sites I looked at:

Thank you for your time.

(should I tag this post or do the mods do that?)

ETA: Ok, no one will see this, but I just finished the first draft of the story and I wanted to say thank you. First time using this community, it was really helpful. :)
Tags: 1810-1819, uk: history: regency period

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