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Escape Artistry

Googled: hogtie with running noose; escape from hogtie with running noose, types of rope

Time: Present day United States.

As is so often the case when I post here, I'm writing a Batman fic.

I have an out-of-costume Bruce Wayne lying on his stomach with his wrists and ankles bound together by somebody who knew what he was doing. (In other words, Bruce has not had an opportunity to 'steal slack', and he has been searched for concealed weapons or other objects that could be used to cut the rope.) To make matters worse, the person who has bound him has also put his neck in a running noose.

Note: while I was trying to research this, I came across a method of torture/death where the victim is forced to keep his/her back arched to avoid the noose tightening. Eventually, the victim tires and is strangled. To be clear, that is not the situation in this case. If he attempts to struggle, however, the noose will tighten.

If he doesn't have access to a knife, does he have any believable way out of his predicament beyond awaiting rescue? Please note: the character is a near-Olympic calibre athlete with a high degree of muscle flexibility. He is also an escape artist. As mentioned, however, for this 'trick', there is no slack in the cords and he doesn't have anything to cut the rope.

I'm not planning to go into detail as to the kind of rope being used. I know nylon has a bit more stretch to it than say, manila or polypropylene. If that allows Bruce to catch a break, fine. I'm trying to avoid a scenario where the only possible explanation for his ability to escape is "he's Batman." (As opposed to: Thanks to a year of intensive study with a [name of discipline] master in the Altai mountains, he did have a way out of this...)

Thanks so much!
Tags: ~hanging, ~torture

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