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Big Brother UK 2009 voting statistics

I am looking for statistics on how many members of the public voted in Big Brother UK 2009. Specifically (if this level of detail is available), I want to know how many people voted in Week 5 when Kris was evicted. I know he got 63% of the vote, but I can't seem to find out how many people voted total. Any other information about the voting of that week in particular would be welcome (such as how many and/or what percentages the other contestants got). But I would settle for some general voter turnout numbers.

Where I've looked:
--Google: "big brother 2009 uk voting statistics" "how many people voted in big brother uk 2009" "big brother uk 2009 total number of votes" etc.
--Wikipedia entries for the series
--Big Brother website
--a couple of Big Brother fan forums - but I am not a fan of the show and I really don't know enough about the fan resources to find what I'm looking for

My impression is that the info is out there somewhere, since in the fan forums I saw references to voter turnout levels over the series, but none of the comments I found gave specific numbers or sources. I have found some stats for earlier series, but not for the one I'm interested in.
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