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More "Upper Torso Stab Wound?" discussion

I searched through the archives and found this entry, which helps me a bit, but I wanted some more information.


To that end, I posted a comment there but felt I should also post this to get the attention over there... if that makes sense /laugh.


For background, please refer to the first link.  However, here is the ‘question,’ as it were:

I'd like a little bit more information if at all possible.

Location: *In* the ICU ward at a hospital
Who: Police officer gets stabbed while apprehending a suspect trying to get hold of a patient in the ICU

The officer gets stabbed by a rogue SWAT member but the officer is wearing a kevlar vest. How much protection would the vest offer, if any?

The guys would be facing each other, with the knife in the right hand (left side of officer). The guy with the knife is 6 feet tall, while the officer is 5' 10". If the knife wound hit the liver, that would mean they weren't facing each other head on, but that the officer was maybe a foot or so to his left when the bad guy stabbed him.

If they were more head on, what would a stab wound to the side -- left kidney perhaps -- be with regards to chances of survival/damage/disability?

Any other thoughts/ideas/suggestions/comments would be appreciated


Thanks for the help everyone :)


PS: If you can manage it, could you please put the comments to this post over on the original post here?  Just seems like it would be a good way of keeping all the research together.  Thanks :)



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