MoChanDesu (mochandesu) wrote in little_details,

Korean Slurs

[ I know there's a rule against racial slurs, but it's okay to ask about them like this, right? *--* ]

I'm working on a short story--due tomorrow--for my English class (and it's actually doubling as a fanfiction on the side) and I have a question about racial/social slurs in the Korean language/culture/etc.
The story is more than likely going to end up with a homosexual relationship between a Chinese transfer student and a Korean, so I'm curious about what words may have been thrown at them, the transfer student in particular.
I'm looking for:
>Korean racial slurs for Chinese (the equivalent to Chink, etcetc)
>Korean slurs for homosexuals (Such as a fag and the like)

While I was searching I was only concentrating on the Chinese slurs, but thought I'd ask for the second while I was here.
I've already searched on Google with these:
Korean racial slurs
Korean slurs for Chinese
Chinese racial slurs in other languages

I'm not sure if the "names" tag is appropriate; I apologize if it's not~
Any help is beyond appreciated♥
Tags: korea (misc), ~homosexuality (misc), ~languages: korean, ~racial prejudice (misc)

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