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Fairytale about a Princess who asked for dresses from suitors?

I'm asking this for a friend who wants to refer to a specific fairytale in her NaNo novel. We both remember reading / hearing the story but can't remember what it was or who wrote it. (We grew up in Finland, in the eighties.)

The only thing we have been able to piece together from our vague recollections is that it has a princess who is asking for impossible dresses to delay getting married or something. (One of them was a "sun dress" - dress made from sunlight?) And the suitor (?) keeps fulfilling each wish.

I can't think of how to google this because if your search terms include "fairytale", "princess" and "dress" you get everything from Disney weddings to dolls and not very many actual fairytales.

I know this is very vague but I hope someone can help!

EDIT: THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERYONE!! I have forwarded the answers to my friend (who was *very* grateful). I think the story I was thinkin of was "Donkeyskin", let's see if hers was the same!
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