byzantine_era (byzantine_era) wrote in little_details,

Travelling assistance needed

Some details: I'm writing something set in the USA, present day. My characters are on a road trip across the states, and as I'm South African, I have no knowledge whatsoever of times (hours) it would take to travel from place to place.
My questions are simple:

How long would it take to travel from Douglas County to Sioux Falls, from Sioux Falls to Nebraska, and from Nebraska to Palo Alto? Each leg of the trip has particular relevance to events within the story, and I'm really hoping someone can help, especially since I need the distance in hours.

Search terms I've tried: "how long does it take to travel from ........ to ........., distances between major cities, travel by car across the states, but I've had no luck.

Thank you!
Tags: usa (misc), ~travel: ground & rail

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