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Liver transplants and disease.

I hope I'm not abusing this community with my second post in 24 hours.

I've done some research, and, yes, this is connected to my last post about chimeras.

I have a character, mid-twenties, that has cirrhosis and is in need of a liver transplant. From what I've seen a fairly wide range of things can cause this disease, but most take over a decade. Could a combination of such speed up the need for a transplant? He's in a stituation to abuse drugs and alcohol, so the two might speed it up, but would hep B hasen it even more? If they let him have the transplant, what would he do in the mean time? Stay in the hospital, be released, have to be in special care? I could find information about liver disease and a little about transplants.

Also, I know they have to bloodtype to match organs so they have a less likely chance of totally rejecting the organ. This character would be a chimera, the type that has a twin's DNA type in certain organs. Could they detect this?

I'm also thinking about placing this during the 1980s, if that has any signifigant baring the blood-typing and DNA testing.

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