Esther-Channah (dragonbat2006) wrote in little_details,

U.S. Miltary Slang (Green Berets) circa 1990

Googled: Military Slang Glossary, Green Beret Slang, Green Berets
Other: Checked with a couple of friends with relatives in the armed forces

I'm writing a Batman fanfic.

I have a former Green Beret. He's just caught someone breaking into a property he owns. The man is wearing an army jacket with a sergeant rank insignia on the sleeve. The man has no ID on him.

Wiki'ing the Green Berets tells me that, in all likelihood, my ex-military ex-cop was also a sergeant.

Is there a derrogatory term that, as a former GB, might have for a 'mere' army sergeant? If it matters, he neither knows nor cares whether his prisoner is actual army or just picked up the jacket and insignia at a surplus store. The character is a bully and a blusterer.

Tags: usa: military (misc), ~languages: english: american

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