Ana (yellowallamanda) wrote in little_details,

Boarding school and vacations.

I'm writing a story set in a steampunkish fantasy world. One of the characters go to a boarding school in an England inspired country.

I would like said character (who comes from a far, far away town) to spend his vacations at the school for several plot reasons. But I don't know how ridiculous this idea is. Even though it's my worlds and I make the rules, I wouldn't like to break willing supension of disbelief. Much.

So, in real life, are there boarding schools that allow students to spend almoust the whole year there as long as they pay well enough? Or maybe summer courses students can attend?

I googled, and googled and found nothing.

I used the words: "boarding school" "boarding school" + "vacations", "boarding schools in UK", "boarding schools + UK + vacations "spending their vacations at boarding school" and several variations of these words.

Could someone please help me? Please and thanks!
Tags: uk: education

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