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Treating burnt feet in Viking Era

So I've been quibbling over asking for a few days, only long  enough to all me to go check other entries and I haven't quite found an exact answe to my questions.

The setting of my story is a Viking Village, of a fantasy setting and my MC(Blacksmith's apprentice) has just been called out for unsavory conduct. As expected, he submits to the judgement of his chief and peers and they call out for him to submit to an ordeal. To humiliate him more, they attempt to force him to face a women's ordeal (Retrieving a stone from a boiling pot)
Unwilling to take this slight he kicks over the pot, puts out the flames and drives a pair of swords into the coals until they're red hot about(200 to 300 degree centigrade ) and walks over them to prove his merit.
 If his wounds are uninfected by day three, he'll be absolved of his crime.

Now my questions are,
1. What could he do to keep the wounds from festering?  He's got extensive knowledge of fire and how to deal with it's effects but it's the first time he's been burnt intentionally.
2. How long would it take to heal?
3. What could he do for the pain. He's going to be on his own except for his minor interaction with villiagers so any care has to be administered on his own.

I've checked old posts in the community about 2nd degree burns and  
Googled "premodern burn treatment" Viking Burn treatment" "Viking Treatment for Burns" and Viking medicine"
Wiki'ed "2nd degree burns" "Burn treatment" 
Checked our these sites http://www.vikinganswerlady.com/medicine.shtml 

Any suggestions, help or ideas would be wonderful. I'm not worred about scarring, maiming or killing my MC, but I want to be able to clear his name ie keep his wound from getitng infected for just three days.
Thanks for any and all help you can give.
Tags: europe: scandinavia, ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation, ~medicine: historical, ~middle ages

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