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Job for upper-class woman in 1910

Setting: Australia, 1910-1919.
Terms googled: upper class women 1900 work, upper class women ww1 work, nursing school australia 1910, florence nightingale school and variants. Also looked through the tags here, which helped immensely for other areas of my story

I'm looking to find information on what an upper-class, married, governess-educated woman in 1910 (aged 17) would do for a job. She isn't the sort who needs to work, but she's thumbing her nose at her guardian - not in a way that would get her disowned, but in an effort to prove that she is semi-independent (which she really isn't). I was hoping not to have her be a nurse before WWI broke out but this is an option. I also found information about upper class women becoming authors, which is also a possibility, but it's one I'm not too fond of. If you have any suggestions, it would be wonderful - thank you for taking the time to read this!
Tags: 1910-1919, australia: history

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