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Legends or Myths about Outcasted or Fallen Women

I have discovered the beginning of a skeletal story I wrote a couple years ago in a notebook and I cannot for the life of me remember if I was inspired by a specific myth/story I heard, or if I came up with the mythology of this story on my own...doubtful. (I want to explore it more now because I'm in a fiction writing class)

Basically the story was about sisters who were "sent down" or outcasted from their previous world/existence to roam the earth. They have magic powers but I don't think I had a witch/witchcraft story in mind so to speak. I think I meant the women to have "fell" to earth (why they were sent I hadn't worked out). I know my subject line is a tad misleading...they are not figuratively fallen women as sinners like in Victorian times or anything. I wanted them to literally be sent out of their supernatural/spiritual world into the human world. Yes, I know the story of Adam and Eve is slightly echoed here but I wanted all female characters (plus I know that wasn't my inspiration). The story I have constructed is basically them dealing with what it's like living on earth vs. their home planet/star/realm where ever they came from.

Googled: fallen women (all I got where stories about prostitues and sex out of marriage), outcasted women (legends, myths, stories), Greek sister myths, sister myths (as in characters from a larger story) and every other combination

Searched through: the community tags and my class notes/syllabus from when I started the story (I took world religion, sociology, british poetry and women in lit that year so I had tons of info coming at me but nothing is sparking)

Does this ring a bell for anyone or can anyone point me to a story that has sisters who were thrown out of their 'other worldy' home and sent to earth? Or something similar? It can be from any point in time, any religion, any mythology, fairy tale, folklore, from anywhere in the world...

Much appreciation!

Tags: ~religion & mythology (misc)

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