Vision Over Visibility (luna_glass_wall) wrote in little_details,
Vision Over Visibility


So I know that a post station, Takasaki-shuku, existed in Japan in the Edo Era; I also know that Takasaki Castle and the surrounding town existed at the same time; both places are supposed to exist on the intersection between the Mikuni Kaido and Nakasendo. My question is: is the castle town the same as the post town? Hiroshige's painting of Takasaki-shuku doesn't include a castle... (If it helps, the date we're looking at is the winter of 1634, or the 15th year of Kan'nei.)

Also, if these two are separate places, how far are they, distance-wise, from Mt. Haruna? (If it's only one place, same question.)

Searched: Takasaki Castle, Takasaki-shuku, Mt. Haruna (Google and Wikipedia)
Tags: 1600-1699, japan: history

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