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Same Sex Domestic Violence - Police Response

Setting - Present Day California, USA

I'm trying to find out how police in California would respond to a call reporting suspected domestic abuse between two men. One of the men is living in the house of the other. The house owner is a wealthy, respected, professional man and the house is a luxurious one in a good neighborhood. The person doing the reporting is the maid of the house-owner. She is not reporting something happening right then, but something she believes is ongoing, having seen injuries on the man who is staying there, and misinterpreting the interaction between the two men.

I have googled "domestic violence California," "intimate partner violence California," "California domestic violence police response," etc. I found a lot of useful things but there are still some details I'd like to have.

In the circumstances would the police who responded be plainclothes detectives or uniformed policemen? How quickly would they be likely to respond, if the call was made late afternoon? Would next morning be reasonable? If not, what sort of time would be reasonable? It doesn't have to be precise, just a window in which it's plausible they would turn up to ask questions. The way I've written it so far, two men turn up, and the householder answers the door. They insist on speaking to the other man, without mentioning the reason for the visit. They are allowed in, and invent a ruse to separate the two so as to question them individually. We only see the questioning of the householder, who answers honestly but refuses to answer questions about the other man's injuries. The policeman eventually reveals the reason for the visit, and the householder denies being abusive and asks him to leave. The policeman meets up with his partner, who shakes his head, indicating that the supposed victim hasn't alleged any abuse. They leave.

Is this a reasonable way for the incident to play out? If not, what changes do I have to make?

Thank you very much in advance for any help you can give.
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