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Availability of apple cider in alternate universe with some similarity to the American Great Plains

I'm writing a story, very soft sci-fi (the "magitech" kind, actually sort of blurring the lines between sci-fi and fantasy). Day-to-day life, however, is pretty well comparable to modern-day. The actual story is set in an area loosely based off of New England, a former home of mine, and is therefore populated with things like brilliant foliage and apple cider. However, one character  is from the "Central Continent", which is fairly ill-defined as yet. It's large very large, very, very flat, and grassland (or was, but there's a honking great city in the middle of it, approximately equivalent to LA and Washington, D.C. squished together with shades of NYC... so not so much grassland right there). It's first-world, highly developed, and the reigning country is one of the world's largest and most powerful. I figured that this sounded fairly analogous to the general Great Plains area (other than the massive city), although I'm not sure.

All of this gets me to the point of the question: In this very urban area, where apples have never been a huge crop, would apple cider be a particularly common thing? Allow me to stress that I mean apple cider, not apple juice; cider is opaque, unstrained, and unpasteurized. I'd assume it could be found if someone went looking, but is it reasonable that a twenty-something woman, unadventurous in her food choices, might never have encountered apple cider?

Searches: Areas where apple cider is common, apples grown in the Midwest, apple growing states, apple cider Midwest, apple growing great plains, history of apple growing great plains
Also: Checked Wikipedia's article on apple cider. This allowed me to articulate the distinction between cider and juice, but was otherwise unhelpful.

(Yes, I know that the Great Plains and the Midwest are different areas, by the way. Preparing this post lead to some significant refinement of the city's concept.)
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