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But where would they live? (1975-1987, NYC and London.) Also, old-age pension.

Situation #1: A Elderly Jewish Pole, female, who immigrated to the United States post-WW2 (late 1940s), and settled somewhere in New York City, in what was - in the mid- to late 1940s, anyway - predominately a Jewish neighborhood. (Judging from my own family stories, somewhere in the Bronx, perhaps?) Definitely working-class income, and still concerned with being part of her own ethnic community. Which neighborhood would be a likely place for her to live? I'm looking not just for factual information, but for stories/experiences of these places as well.

Situation #1: B Same character. By 1982, she is a widow, only child out of the picture, and raising her young grandchild. I believe she would be eligible for old-age social security; would that be enough for her and the kid to live on, or would she have to find some alternative (or supplementary) source of income? If so, does anyone have any idea what that would be?

Situation #2 London, 1975-1987. Middle-class family, second-generation Indian immigrants (i.e., both mother and father are British by birth, born to Indian-by-birth immigrants). One is an academic, the other a working artist; they have two young children, a steady income, and no desire to live in neighborhoods with crime/ethnic tension/what-have-you. Where would they be likely to live? Again, looking not just for facts, but for stories.

Searched: a whole lot of bloody things, but lots of combinations of "Social Security" + "1980s" + "income" + "New York City", "New York City" + "neighborhoods" + "Jewish" + "Polish" + "1940s" + 1980s", "London suburb" + "1980s" + "middle-class"

ETA: I apologize; I was unclear. Character #1 moved to NYC and settled into [whatever neighborhood] in 1940s, but I'm looking for descriptions/resident experiences for that same neighborhood in the mid 1980s.
Tags: 1970-1979, 1980-1989, uk: london, usa: new york: new york city

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