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Gunshot wound to the back - with video

Hi everyone. *waves* I'm writing a fanfic based on Sue Thomas F.B.Eye that presents an alternate ending for the pilot episode. I'm trying to stick very closely to what is shown on the show so it blends seamlessly with it until it diverges at the specific point I chose. I found a clip on Youtube that has the exact scenes I'm referring to, so you can see what I mean:

Rather than have the dog knock Sue (the blonde woman) out of the way in time, I'm having him get there too late, and she get shot while running away from the shooter. It actually doesn't matter to me too much what the possibilities are here (I'd love to hear all of them you feel like coming up with), as long as she does not die. Keep in mind they are on an FBI assignment in Washington, D.C. (timeline is basically the present--probably a couple years back, anywhere from 2003-2006 I'd say), so I assume hospitals are quite nearby (I'll do some googling to see what turns up--which hospital they'd be closest to is another matter, and I might be able to do some sleuthing regarding the likelihood of one or another) and they almost certainly have an ambulance dispatched right away--the agent monitoring the video cameras (Tara) would be on it right away.

So, I have a couple specific questions regarding all this:

1. What kind of gun does the shooter use? You can see it somewhat clearly in his hand at 4:54 in the clip, as well as at 5:08/5:09 or so. I assume that would have some importance on the seriousness of the wounds and all that--whatever info you have on it would be good to have. I have absolutely NO knowledge of firearms so I'd be nigh useless trying to pick it out of a photo line-up. Possibly answered--any more looks would be welcome.

2. Where could the bullet have hit her, assuming the dog did not knock her out of the way in time? (She's shot at at about 5:02-5:04, which is where my story diverges.) It looks to me somewhat middle of the back, left-to-right I can't tell. But we know nothing about the accuracy of the guy who shot her (considering he only got Jack's shoulder earlier when Jack started to hurl himself out of the way, he might be fairly good--but he can be off too if need be). Only thing is, she can't die. Beyond that, I'd love to hear plausible scenarios for her reactions right afterward, long-term prognosis, etc. (I have no medical background either other than a general knowledge of basic basic anatomy from a class in high school.) Google had some info on treating a wound while waiting for the ambulance, which is the one thing I probably don't need then, but you're always welcome to say it again if you feel like. One fact to note is that the character (and also the actress that played her) is deaf and reads lips most of the time to communicate, though she can also sign; the dog with her is her hearing dog, trained to alert her to certain noises and such things. Answered--thank you very much!

3. How badly was Jack hit? (That part I'm not changing--he still does get shot in my fic.) In other words, what did the bullet hit and how would treatment have gone for him? We see him shot at 4:54/4:55 (note that he seems to figure out they're going to shoot him and starts dodging before the shot happens--obviously, they still get him in the shoulder area or so), we see him lean up to yell at Sue at about 5:00/5:01, him wincing in pain and lying back down at about 5:10/5:11, and then at 5:26 he's sitting up again and asking Tara in the video room to request an ambulance. From 5:35-5:57 or so, you get glimpses of him walking, holding a gauze pad to his shoulder, and at one point he seems to hold up his F.B.I. badge with the injured arm. All implausibility of the dog-in-ER storyline aside (which won't happen in my story anyhow), did the writers totally play around with reality with his wound, or how could things have gone? Answered--am going with the bullet hitting him above the bones, in the fleshy part.

4. How would they handle the two injuries? Send one ambulance for both, two separate ones? Who would ride in the ambulance with the victim--any other team members? (No family are present, just other F.B.I. agents, and I'm assuming Sue's hearing dog Levi would not come with her?) Considering Sue is likely far more seriously injured whereas Jack's conscious and walking just fine on his own . . . I haven't the faintest clue how that sort of procedure might be handled. Answered, thank you!

Thanks everyone in advance. If I've asked a question that's already been answered somewhere, let me know.
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds, ~weapons: firearms

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