Z. Coldwater (zeecoldwater) wrote in little_details,
Z. Coldwater

Church Slavonic Grammar Help

At the end of my rope, here.

I'm writing something set in a world where a language similar (if not identical) to Church Slavonic is used as the scholarly lingua franca -- they also use it to refer to countries in formal contexts.

Basically, I need to know what "вєлии" (velii -- "great" or "big"; the name of the country in question is styled after Great Britain) would be in the nominative, feminine form. I've googled around and found some wonderful resources for Church Slavonic, but I am terminally dumb regarding Slavic languages and just cannot work out the proper declension on my own and would like some help. Please.

I realise this is probably a rather obscure topic, but gotta try.
Tags: ~languages: church slavonic

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