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Kingdom of Israel, traditions and clothes

Clothes, weapons and matrimonial traditions of the 1000 a.C. in the Kingdom of Israel

(Sorry for my bad English, I'm Italian)
I'd love to write some historical stories about king Saul, prince Jonathan and King David in the Kingdom of Israel.
The stories are a retelling of the Biblical tale in a slash way, writing a romantic story between Jonathan and David.
The stories will be about the life of David in Saul's court so I'd like to have an idea about how were these courts (physically speaking) and the war between Saul's reign and the Philistines.
It will be about David's marriage with Mikal and his exile.

I tried looking on google and wikipedia without finding useful informations. I also looking into Italian sites and tried posting my questions in an Italian community about the Bible.
All the things I know come, actually, from the Bible : (
Tags: 0 ce and before, israel: history, middle east: history

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