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Modern-Day Japanese endearments from a father-figure to his ward

I searched google for a bit under 'Japanese endearments', and I read the little_details post here in hopes of getting my answer; also a post on Japanese endearments on a blog here and another one here.  I also raided a few translators.  However, I think my question might be a little too specific to be found in such a manner.

What is an affectionate way of referring to a male child in one's care in modern-day Japan?

I know that the Japanese have adopted the English words 'darling' and 'sweetheart', or something that sounds vaguely like them, but this seems more romantic than affectionate, and I worry I'm giving off a creepy vibe if I use either.  Would a father-figure-type ever use anata to refer to anyone other than a romantic beloved?  Is my only recourse to drop (like an anvil!) the idea that he's using the kid's name suffix-free?  

I would appreciate any help you can give!  Please respond with Romanji; I can't read kanji.

Thank you!

Tags: ~languages: japanese

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