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Victorian Railroad and London Underground: Travel time, routes, atmosphere

Ok so the setting is 1874. I've got two characters who need to get to Manchester. They start out in South Kensington. Trying to figure out this route in the meantime. Found some websites on the Victorian Railway, Victorian technology, have read through Wikipedia articles about railway routes and underground routes, have googled using the terms victorian travel routes, underground, railway

-While in London I'd like them to travel on the underground as much as is plausible (they're trying to throw off some baddies tracking them) Doing my research I found that the Metropolitan District Railway started in South Kensington and (am I right to assume this?) went all the way to Hammersmith at the time. Was it a straight shot or would they be getting off and on at different stations? Getting through that what route would they take from there and what tube stations were along the way?

-What were the conditions like on the tubes of the time? Claustrophobic, dimly-lit and no privacy is the impression I am getting so far if this is correct http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4d/Tower_subway_carriage.jpg. Was there a way to go from carriage to carriage en route or get off the carriages in case of an emergency? How were they lit?

-What railway station would they be most likely to take to Manchester once they were out of London? and what would that route and conditions be like?

-And most importantly, what is a realistic time frame in which to place all this madness (give or take a few days?)

whuff sorry so involved but any answers I can take I'll be grateful for, folks
Tags: uk: history: victorian era, uk: public transportation, ~travel: ground & rail

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