Niomi Panshiko (panshiko) wrote in little_details,
Niomi Panshiko

Help me figure out my character's scar

My character was pretty badly hurt. I need some help coming up with a plausible scar for him. I'm hoping someone with knowledge of combat injuries or surgical procedures could point me some handy reference photos since I'm trying to draw a picture of the guy. Any information on living with such a scar would likewise be handy. I have been Googling for pictures of surgeries but those are too neat and careful for my purpose.

Time period/setting: Has been described as "mythical fantasy". This is an Exalted campaign with stock rules and setting. As players, we have given the game an American West flavor.

He is ex-military (7th Legion) & a talented young doctor. In the moments after he was eviscerated, Doc managed to put a bullet in the assailant's head. As a doctor, he knew that he had no chance in hell of surviving, since some of his organs had been pulled out of his body and probably nibbled on as well.

At that moment, the Doc became a Twilight Exalt. He was not just inspired to invent a surgical procedure that saved his life; There are some Wolverine-like powers of regeneration at work here albeit to a slower and less dramatic affect. A non-exalt would have died even given the surgery preformed.

So: I need a scar over the stomach/chest area that is plausibly over-the-top, as gross as I can get without just making it up. I can tell when an artist just ass-pulls some impossibly grotesque mess just to look grizzly/cool and I don't want to go that far. I don't have any particular method in mind as to how the evisceration occurred. I have a few options for how the villain could get this done, so any kind of violence that would give me the desired result could be useful.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds, ~woo-woo

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