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Long treks

Question from a couch potato:

I have a group of four fit, healthy men (three military, one with extensive experience of living and surviving in the field), who have to walk a distance of 800 miles without support or much equipment (no tent, a couple of axes, knives, three blankets, rope and that's about it). Allowing for the fact they need to spend time to forage and make a camp from scratch each day, what the a reasonable distance they could expect to cover each day, assuming no accidents and flat terrain. I want to take into consideration that they won't want to exhaust themselves, and that their food supply will be intermittently scanty. The civilian in the group is rather slight of build for a man, though of normal height. None of them have ever walked that kind of distance before.

Also, how much would they deem it worth carry with them from camp to camp, as a payoff for not having to cut branches/ make shelters each night? Would the effort of carrying the weight on their back mean they were more exhausted and travel more slowly, and so gain nothing? How much can a healthy man carry without it causing a problem? They will already be carrying water and their few possessions, as well as grass blankets. Is more than that feasible?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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