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Proper term for 'strung-up' and ? about 'release of bladder during torture'

Ok... I give up.  HELP!

Two questions really.

1)  Is there a proper term for being 'strung-up' or 'hanging in the air, spread-eagled'?  One of our 'heros' is suspended, with chains, by his ankles and wrists, a few inches off the floor.  The chains do not give much for any movement.

2) Our 'hero' has been suspended as above, for a few hours, before he is then raped and takes a couple of punches to the abdomen/stomach area.  When he passes out from the affects of being strung-up and abused... Can his full bladder release unconsciously?

If not, under what circumstances would his bladder give out on him?

Thank you!!!
And thank you all for the responses regarding my 'catheter' question earlier in the month.

Tags: ~medicine: human physiology, ~sexual abuse & assault, ~torture

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