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Aquarium Closing Procedures

For a story set in the present time, likely in an undisclosed big city, possibly a suburban area, I was wondering if it was possible for two teenage girls to be able to hide out in an aquarium until after it closes a la The Mixed Up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler. More specifically, I was wondering what sort of closing procedures are in place for different parts of the aquarium- front desk, tanks, any tide pools- what sort of things get left on, what gets locked up, would the girls be able to get out of the aquarium, or if doors are unlocked, there'd be an alarm, ect. Basically, any details concerning after hours at an aquarium, including possible ways to hide, would be really helpful. At the moment I'm thinking something like the Newport Aquarium in Northern Kentucky if you know it, since that is where I've been before, if that helps at all.


Search details: "Aquarium closing" "Aquarium 'closing procedures'" "working at an aquarium" / These mostly gave me aquariums closing down or job descriptions, minus any helpful details. 
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