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valid-sounding names - possibly French

So I'm writing a story that takes place in the present day, and in one early scene I mention--just mention--a guy/girl named "Mouru". I figure that's a real surname, and I don't bother looking it up because I'm an idiot.

This Mouru person isn't actually ever supposed to make an appearance. He/she is just filler text, plain and simple, but somehow...

So now I actually have to create a character to go with this name. And suddenly, it occurs to me--wait, is this an actual surname at all? I do some searching and, luckily for me, find a bunch of listings at Ancestry.com--apparently, it's French. So this character must be French.

...I don't actually know much about naming procedures in France.

I hit Wikipedia. To my relief, it's pretty simple. All I need is a French given name to go with my French surname. I pick "Ange", because it's short and easy to remember, and now I've got "Ange Mouru", and I'm staring at it and feeling pretty proud of myself and then I start to wonder and that's why I'm here.


1) Does this actually look like a valid French name? Does it look ridiculous to someone with actual knowledge of French culture? I lack French culture, so I wouldn't know.

2) How the heck do you pronounce this? I figured the "Ange" would be the same as the identically-spelled French word for angel, but that audio thing doesn't seem to match up with the written IPA pronunciation at all. In addition, I can't find anything about "Mouru".

EDIT: Thanks for the prompt and useful replies! From what you've all said, Mouru isn't a very valid French name--I'll probably end up making the character American, as I've recently found out that a couple named "Mouru" died in new York in the nineties. I'll probably give her an everyday American given name, too.

Again, thanks for the help!

EDIT the second: It should be noted that I had no idea whether "Mouru" was actually a French surname or not. That it might have been was purely an assumption on my part, and this possibility should be dismissed now that I'm aware that it's definitely not. Of course, now I have to figure out what nationality it could be...
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