St. Rougarou (gogoangelgunboy) wrote in little_details,
St. Rougarou

etymological question - the word "bint"

this is a pretty obscure one. i've googled the usual dictionary sources and even found one that suggests a history for the word's current use (a young woman, sometimes insulting, sometimes not) but i'm not really interested in the current use. i understand the meaning and derivation (Arabic for "girl" or "daughter") - what i'd like to know is the earliest use of it in English. I don't think it was in common use before the sources say it was, but considering the British presence in places like the Indian subcontinent and Afghanistan in the 19th century, it seems likely that it was used by soldiers etc. well before World War I. I just can't find any sources to back this up, so can anyone help?
thanks in advance!

EDIT: ok, i think the burton quote is as early as we're going to find - now i need to see if it was used as a slang term by, say, british soldiers in the 19th century!
EDIT 2: thank you, everyone, for your help! i think i'll be able to use it in one fic i'm working on and not in the other - that's good to know!
Tags: ~languages: arabic, ~languages: english: uk

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