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Sex Education in Catholic School

Hello folks, it's me again, back with another question.

Background: My character is a 19 year old young man originally from New Orleans. I've been told that most people attend a Catholic school in that region unless, I'm assuming, the family can't afford to send them.

My question: What would a sex ed education be in such a school? I understand that a lot of Catholics feel that sex before marriage is a bad thing and should be discouraged, but my character hasn't really held totally firm with the Catholic beliefs since he was eleven or twelve and is with a serious girlfriend, so he might have some residual self-conflict from his upbringing versus his personal feelings on the subject. If he didn't get the education in school, I was going to go with him learning from his family/peers. For those of you who have attended such a school, were you taught a comprehensive sexual education, or was it abstinence-only? I went to Catholic school myself but was nowhere near old enough to have this topic touched on while I was there (getting booted out for flooding a bathroom accidentally does have its consequences).

Search terms used: 'Sex education in New Orleans Catholic schools,' 'sex education in Catholic schools,' 'abstinence-only education versus comprehensive sex education.' While this yielded me some interesting essays and personal opinions, I wanted to go to the source for a more personal approach to the topic.

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!

Edit: All of this is very helpful. It gives me a better idea of the range of education in Catholic schools. Thank you!
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