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Black Eyes

Setting - 18th century equivalent (not that it matters for this question)

Question - Ok, I've got an individual who has been in a brawl/fight/mob situation, and has a black eye (among other things).

The question is, how soon/how quick does the swelling occur after the blow? How soon does it achieve the purple swollen look? If left untreated (they are in prison and no one cares what happens) how long would it remain that way? How soon would it start subsiding? Also, how long would it be painful?

The project in question is a comic and I'm trying to keep the sense of time visually so any information as per immediate/hours/day/days/week how it would look would be greatly appreciated.

Goggle searches - Black eyes, Black eyes developing, black eye development, black eye healing, black eye time lapse - found lots of articles on how to heal it, how to cover it, and not to put meat on it, but not what I need. I also did find a time lapse of an eye healing but no designation so to the actually timing of the thing.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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