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Personal Stories About Life In The Netherlands

I’m about to embark on roleplaying a young man from the Netherlands, and in anticipation I’ve done lots of research into the country and its culture. As part of that, I’m hoping to get some person stories from people who’ve lived there/are natives/have experience with the Dutch to flesh out what I've got so far. I’m looking for bits of everything, from the little to the big.

Some Specifics:
What kind of snacks/books/t.v. shows/special events might he remember from his childhood? What kinds of games might he have played with his friends?

Random slang words. For example Americans call it Diet Coke and some places in Europe call it Coke lite. Things like that.

What are some foods/media/activities he might not be able to get/do in America that he might miss because they were abundant at home? (like Stroopwaffles)

What are some activities that a 21 year old male would do with his friends in Amsterdam? Where might they go, how late might they stay out, ect. My character comes from a well-to-do family, if that changed things.

He plays amateur football (goalie). Would he have played for a school league, a community league, or something else entirely?

As an extension of that, I’m also looking for impressions/experiences of people from the Netherlands who have come to live/attend school in America, as my character is coming over to study criminal law after having lived his whole life in Amsterdam. Like, what were the most glaring differences between the two countries?
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