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 I've been working on a concept for a graphic novel with a friend for a few months now, and part of the story involves a solid understanding of Hinduism. I've been reading books, watching videos, and googling my little heart out, but I would really like to interview an actual Hindu to get both a specific and general sense of their experience with Hinduism and the overall state of Hinduism in the world today. While I'd appreciate links to helpful videos or articles, I've already seen/read quite a bit of those, and would rather have either someone very familiar with the religion or an actual practitioner to answer some questions that I have.

An actual interview isn't necessary, but I would like to know a bit about my subject before preparing any kind of questionnaire, or else I fear I'd swamp a stranger with questions that may not even pertain to their experiences/background. So if you are interested, please comment with your "Hinduism credentials" and tell me how you'd prefer to be interviewed, whether you'd like me to just ask my questions on this post via comment form or if I might talk to you over AIM. Whatever is more convenient for you!

Thanks in advance :)
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