Thursday's Child (thursdayschild) wrote in little_details,
Thursday's Child

Consequences for a minor interfering in a police investigation

My story takes place in modern-day New York state, in a small downstate town. One of the main characters has been arrested for what has been perceived as interfering with the police's investigation of a serial killer. She is 17, and already in hot water with the local law enforcement.

My question is this: What sort of penalties would this character face? Is interfering with the investigation of a rather large and serious matter such as a serial killer at large the sort of crime that would get her jail time, or a large fine, or what? Will her age affect the outcome?

I've already googled the terms "NY state penal code interfering with investigation" and "NY state police interfering penalties." I've gotten several articles about how the laws are defined, but not the penalties for breaking them. Thank you!
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: new york (misc)

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