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Sharpshooting, revolvers and rifles, standard routine of maintenance for rifles in 19th century

About two years ago I submitted a post here about two irish sharpshooters, a man and a woman and the type of rifles and equipment they most likely would use to undertake an assassination job. Well the irish kids are back again but the time period and setting has changed. They are now in London, England between the time periods of 1874-1875. I had gotten an AMAZING wealth of information from one of the folks here and their father on that last post (I don't remember who you are I'm sorry!) but I remember they recommended a Mauser '88 rifle. So I have been doing some research on earlier models of the Mauser


I've googled various combinations of maintenance of rifles and 19th century but so far haven't gotten anything but more modern information about rifle maintenance. Also thinking about checking out the book " The History of Sniping and Sharpshooting " by John Plaster does anyone have any good recommendations for this book?

Anyways my questions are

1) would the earlier Mauser rifles work for their purposes? or is there possibly a better brand of European rifle in the time period that would be more suitable? If it helps the woman's forte is accuracy and the man's forte is quickness. They are both rather small-framed and slight in terms of body build.

2) What would have been the advantages and disadvantages of these rifles in the above situation of assassinating someone?

3) What would have been essential to keep on hand for rifle maintenance and what would have been the typical routine of maintenance with their rifles to keep them in good working order? and if the Mauser is the right rifle for the job could the models of the time period be broken down or were they all one piece?

4) assuming they'd keep a pair of revolvers on hand in case they ever found themselves in a tricky situation what would have been a fairly reliable brand of revolver to have handy for the time period?

thanks so much :)
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