melodious329 (melodious329) wrote in little_details,

Temporary guardianship for a homeless minor needing Emergency care

The setting is present day LA.  My character is a homeless boy who becomes sick and needs emergency care.  He is brought to the hospital by an adult woman who has been helping him, sometimes getting the boy to sleep at her house, giving him food, etc.  I have searched google under "minor emergency care guardianship", "homeless minor needing emergency care", "minor and temporary guardianship".  Mostly I have gotten information relating to treating a minor in an emergency without consent, but what I'm more interested in is this.  I have a friend who says that the hospital would be desperate to have someone be responsible for that boy so they would give the woman temporary guardianship and allow her information about his medical treatment until Child Protective Services could arrive.  Is that true?  Would the woman be allowed to see the boy?  What if the boy woke up later and asked to see her?
Tags: usa: california, usa: health care and hospitals, ~custody & social services, ~homelessness, ~law (misc)

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