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Elisabeth Berkover

Latin Translation

Hello there, all - I've always found Latin an interesting language but I've never yet had a chance to learn it. I don't speak it and can only fudge my way through maybe pronouncing it because of years of involvement with choral music. However, I do have a request if anyone would be gracious enough to help me...I'm writing a one shot fictional vignette set in the 17th century where a character is gifting something to another and I'd really, really like to add a Latin inscription to the object.

In searching around, I've discovered the following:

Plus aegri ex abitu viri quam ex adventu volupatis crepi. by the playwright Plautus from Amphitruo which was translated into English as "I felt more sorrow in his going than joy in his coming."

If possible, I'd like to keep the same sentiment but just tweak it a little into "I shall feel more sorrow in your going than what joy I felt in all our time together."

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks in advance!

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