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Oh, Snap!

ANON POST: How can a woman cause her unborn child to become sterile?

The setting: Rural Idaho, in the eighties-going-on-nineties.

The story starts with what the protagonist’s mother does to him.

When his mother wass pregnant with him, she did all she can to induce a miscarriage. She tried everything, remedies, poisons, self-harming even, but nothing works. The protagonist ends up being born for the most part healthy, but because of his mother’s attempts at getting rid of him, the protagonist is sterile as a side effect.

What I want to know is what sort of things can cause a child to be born sterile because of his mother trying to get rid of him. Any remedies? Drinks? Any self-harm the mother did to try to get rid of him?

I’ve tried looking it up through search terms such as “mothers making children infertile” or “how pregnant women can cause their children to be born infertile” but most of it is information I don’t believe I need. Most of the articles I read on infertility is focused on parents being infertile, not the children.

So what can cause a child to be born infertile through the mother’s actions while she was pregnant with him?
Tags: ~medicine: reproduction

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