kate_sherwood (kate_sherwood) wrote in little_details,

US Army records - available to police

I've googled the basics (service records, military service records, access, etc.) - some good information, but not quite what I need.

I have an character who was honorably discharged from the US Army a few years before the opening of the story, and is now being investigated by various levels of US law enforcement. Would his military records be easily accessible to them, or would they need a warrant or equivalent?

And what would be included in the records? Would there be a photograph? (if so, would he be in dress uniform or fatigues, or...?) Would it be quite perfunctory, with just dates of service, etc., or would there be more details (comments from supervisors, etc.)?

The setting is contemporary - I'm thinking that his years of service would have been roughly 2000-2006.

Thanks for any help.
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: military (misc)

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