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Abandoned Factory Shopping in West Yorkshire

First of all: thank you all for your help in my previous posts. This community is fantastic.

Secondly, I need help finding an abandoned factory.

The scenario is this: a group of my protagonistic characters are looking for people who are involved in Nasty Business: kidnapping and drug production, which in the universe I'm working in are crimes which go hand-in-hand. The good guys are staying at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Bradford; what I'm having trouble with are finding places for the bad guys to be set up in.

Ideally, they would be in an abandoned industrial site; something which has a large open area as well as a few smaller rooms. They would also, ideally, be no more than an hour away from the good guys by car. The place in question has to have a place for the bad guys to hole up, a large open area for storing people, a quasi-scientific room, a storage area, and an office, but since it's sort of a given that the bad guys would have bought the place out and sunk some money into making it serviceable for the past year or so, I'm not too picky about floorplans. Shortly after it's discovered, there's going to be a prolonged shoot-out.

So, where is this place?

Search terms use: various combinations of: "abandoned"+"building complex", "warehouse", "factory", "industrial site"+ "bradford", "west yorkshire". I also browsed through Derelict Places.

I'd considered High Royds Asylum, but the architecture is a bit too nice to me, and the fact that there are developing plans in action for it also makes me think that it isn't isolated enough for my purposes. I'd also thought about using ROF Thorpe Arch, which has the right feel to it but is currently in use by various interests, rather than abandoned completely.
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