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Head injury or concussion.

Hiya everyone, first post here. I hope I'm not going to be repeating other posts with my question, but I searched the memories, previous posts back a few pages, and a few other places without finding much of the info I need.

Anyway, my situation is this: A character in a story I'm writing has just been hit rather hard on the temple by the butt of a metal gun (modern standard handgun type), and I wanted to know the specific symptoms and effects of a concussion and what sort of danger he'd be in for permanent injury. He does not have any access to medical aid, and his captors are not going to do much beyond making sure he stays alive. He's 19 years old, in otherwise good health, and has had no previous head injuries.

Basically, I'm looking for something where he'll be dizzy and have a headache for a while, but be otherwise fine, and I want to know how that would be plausible, i.e. whether I can realistically let him be lucky enough to suffer no serious damage. I just want to make sure I'm portraying the injury accurately, really, so no one raises an eyebrow at me and scolds me for not knowing what I'm talking about. ^^;

Thanks in advance.

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