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Veterans and the FBI, IRR, deployment and locations with both FBI Division and Air Force Base


My story is set in modern day America and has two main characters, a female former Marine officer (EOD/paraordnance, now in the IRR), working as an FBI agent and a male active-duty USAF officer.

Questions regarding location and aircraft operator deployment:

I'm trying to find a place that has both an FBI Division and an Air Force Base that houses units operating non-fighter/non-helicopter aircraft also operated by the 455th in Bagram (or other aircraft operating USAF units in Afghanistan). Communiting up to one hour there and back would be okay (for her at least). I've tried to crossreference with the help of Wikipedia's lists of FBI Divisions, AFBs and airfields in Afghanistan but couldn't find anything that matched.

The second option I tried was finding out how getting deployed to Afghanistan works for non-fighter/non-helicopter pilots but couldn't find anything. So... is it possible to be deployed as a "big" aircraft operator to Afghanistan even if you don't fly the C-130 (for example) as your "standard" aircraft but a different kind of "big" aircraft like the C-17? If yes, how does that work? Do you get a certain amount of training flights on the aircraft operated in Afghanistan or ist it sufficient if you had some training prior to your current assignment?

Questions regarding veterans and FBI, IRR and Marine Reserve deployment:

How does joining the FBI after leaving active military duty work? Do veterans have to do the whole 21 weeks at Quantico as well or do they only have to take classes not covered in their military training? I tried several combinations of veterans and FBI training in searching but came up with nothing.

How likely is it to be called up for joining a Female Engagement Team as a member of the IRR? The character in question is a (former) officer with several years of valuable experience in exactly that kind of work - small teams, dangerous territory, working a lot with locals - who is also qualified for EOD work. Is it possible for her to be called up for leading an FET or is that a rather unusual field to be called up for? I tried to google for FET members and reservists but didn't find anything.

I'd very, very much appreciate any help, even if it only answers part of those questions. Thank you very much :)

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