tommykaine (tommykaine) wrote in little_details,

wrist injury (possibly dislocation)

The story is set in 1994, in England and in a fantasy setting (basically, it's Potterverse).

There are two characters involved, roughly of the same physical type. One is slighly taller and the other is a little skinny, don't know if that changes things.
They are arguing, and at some point of the two (the skinnier one) takes the other's wrist in his hand, and twists it with a sharp movement.
Realistically, would the other one's wrist be injured? Could it get dislocated this way? Or would another kind of injury be more likely? Or no injury at all?

Also, how much would a wrist dislocation hurt? One of my ankles got sprained a few times (hurt like hell!), would it be as much painful, less painful or way more painful? Would an average person (not particularly used to pain) be able to "snap it back" into place or would the pain be too much?
Would it hurt if he just moved his fingers? Would he be able to move his fingers at all?

I've tried looking for info on Google (with search terms like "wrist injury" and "wrist dislocation") and tried the injury tags here without finding what I need...
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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