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Physical After-Effects of Waterboarding

Search terms used: Waterboarding, effects of waterboarding, near drowning, the torture tag on this community.

My character is an otherwise fit and healthy male in his early thirties who's subjected to waterboarding (strapped head down to a board, with water poured over his face to simulate drowning) as an interrogation technique. I'm trying to determine what the physical after-effects of such an experience would be - everything I google seems only to want to tell me how to do it, how it could kill you, or about the psychological effects.

So, assuming my character doesn't die, and nor is he in immediate danger of dying, but he is feeling pretty physically miserable. I'm guessing he'd have soreness in the chest/throat area - would there be symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath? What are the possibilities of resulting illness - chest/throat infection, pneumonia, bronchitis, cold, flu, anything like that?

If he were examined by a doctor who did not know what had happened a few days later, what physical indications might the doctor notice?

Tags: ~torture

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