Toboe LoneWolf (toboe_lonewolf) wrote in little_details,
Toboe LoneWolf

Drugs That Prevent Yelling

Setting: Modern Day USA (ETA: apartment room)
Search Terms Used: (in various combinations) drugs/chemicals that prevent yelling/screaming, drugs/chemicals that cause laryngitis, chemicals that prevent vocal cords from moving, Anesthetic throat spray stop voice? how to gag someone to only a whisper, little_details's entries on mutism

I need my character to interrogate someone, but due to location it has to be done without alerting people next door. So I need some way to prevent the person being interrogated from yelling, but still able to talk.

I've went through little_details entries on mutism, but those were asking for something either permanent or complete voice loss.

I've searched for drugs or chemicals that could cause hoarseness (laryngitis), but mostly found drugs to help fix that; I thought I might be getting somewhere with anesthetic throat sprays but it seems like they wouldn't prevent you from talking, otherwise they probably wouldn't be a very popular over the counter medication. XP Physical gags seemed possible, but...I couldn't find one that just limited the person to a whisper.

If I can't do this, I'll have to move the location, but that opens up another bottle of worms.
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order

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