xtricks (xtricks) wrote in little_details,

Celibacy in the Catholic church

Hey -

I'm looking for discussions, both pro and con, about celibacy in the Catholic Church. I've done the basic research but what I need are articles, arguments, editorials written by members of the Church about celibacy. I'm doing research for a novel involving a Catholic priest who gets involved in the controversy over celibacy and I need to be educated on the subject, particularly what church members think - both the 'rank and file' of the priesthood and the official stance of the Church hierarchy.

The most recent official church bull or statement (translated out of Latin, please) would be good. References to newspaper articles covering the topic would be fine too. Ooo - and any information on how the chuch trains/teaches/advises semminary students on 'how to be celibate' would be *great*.

Thanks in advance.

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