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Brain Tumors In Teens

Hi All!
I'm looking for a specific type of brain tumor for my female, 18-year-old, Caucasian character in present-day United States. I need her to be able to go to high school, but she, of curse, can miss for operations/tests/radiation/chemo. It's okay if she loses her hair/is sick during attempts to eradicate the cancer, but I need her to have been afflicted beginning sometime in her childhood and for the tumor to ultimately be fatal during her 18th year. My plotline also demands that blindness be, if not a certain side effect, then at least a risk.
I've read countless articles and even skimmed through a few books, plus Wikipedia and lots of teen-based sites about common cancers...
Google searches:
"Brain Tumors"
"Brain Tumors" teens
"Brain Tumors" teens blindness
"Cancer" teens
Wikipedia articles:
Brain Tumors
The scientific jargon and differing information is pretty confusing...I don't need much medical stuff in the book; I just need a plausible type of cancer so I can research it and portray it correctly.
Thanks so much for your advance! :)

Tags: ~medicine: illnesses: cancers

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