Pitten \\ Chaotic Serenity (wrongly_amused) wrote in little_details,
Pitten \\ Chaotic Serenity

What is the general hiearchy for military rank? Literally, just general knowledge that would apply to most any generic system. (If anyone wants to go in depth regarding air force and naval, I'd really appreciate it, though.)

Edit: Thank you guys. Just to make something fairly clear - I'm not an idiot. I can use the internet like everyone else. However, despite going through several searches, I kept getting results that were *overly* complicated, rather than the simplified listing that I needed. And since this story takes place in different galaxy, in a space-bound military, I wasn't sure whether to use Naval or Air Force as my base. I considered combining them, but then I had to figure out how the rankings compared to each other. Thank you very much for those who replied.

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